The one and only COVER for air-conditioning wall brackets.

B.Revoc makes your life easier

B.Revoc cover for wall brackets is USEFUL because it protects your walls from dirty marks, EASY because its installation is intuitive, BEAUTIFUL thanks to its modern design which makes your condensing unit neat and tidy.


Design studied to improve the installation


Protects against the damaging effects of the weather


Simple and intuitive installation


Supplied in a neutral shade, can be easily painted with the color of your choice


Discover all what you need to know about the first cover for air-conditioning wall brackets.

Protect your brackets and your walls with B.Revoc


Without the B.Revoc cover, over time, atmospheric agents will ruin the walls of your house by letting dirty rusty traces.


By installing B.Revoc, you will maintain the walls of your home clean and you will not need to repaint them!

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Founded in 2008 by professionals of the air-conditioning sector

Thanks to the remarkable knowledge of the market, 2 Emme Clima has quickly grown becoming one of the major reference for the Italian air-conditioning market and for over 30 countries around the world, with a production focused on wall brackets and accessories for the installation of external units.

Test the full kit : Clock wall brackets + cover

It’s the perfect solution to have an overview of the B.Revoc, ready-to-use and easy-to-install !
Inside the kit, you will find the CLOCK brackets available in 420mm, 465mm et 550mm supplied with a screw set for the fixation and the COVER.

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